ALUBANG Titanium Zinc Composite Panel

ALUBANG Titanium Zinc Composite Material combines the natural beauty of zinc with the flatness, durability, ease of fabrication and cost effectiveness. It delivers all the benefits of composite material while projecting a feeling that’s consistent with both classic and modern designs.  


Utilizing a titanium zinc alloy, it comes in a natural blue-gray pre-weathered finish that matures over time as it is exposed to air and the elements—developing a natural zinc carbonate patina that protects the surface. Scratches and imperfections melt away over time as the natural patina develops and matures. Ti-zinc alloy is better in rigidity and durability than normal zinc alloy. The color of Ti-zinc turns different color in a natural process as time goes by, while it attains great quality of anti-corrosion and self-healing characteristics.


It is very flexible in design application. It can be used in modern urban districts or in historic settings where a natural surface is desired to blend into the surroundings  


Raw Material

Top Skin: Titanium Zinc
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene or Fire-resist

Bottom Skin: Aluminum

Characteristics of Titanium Zinc Composite Panel

1. Material of Eternity: Zinc is type of materials without time limit, it reveals both advanced appearance and classic aesthetic

2. Long Life-Expectancy: The Ti-Zinc Composite Panel skin has a lifetime expected to be 80-100 years, depending on environmental conditions and proper installation.

3. Self-healing: Pre-weathered Zinc will naturally develop a protective zinc carbonate layer as it ages. Scratches and imperfections seem to melt away as the zinc carbonate layer develops.

4. Easy Maintenance: Due to the protective zinc carbonate layer on the Ti-Zinc Composite Panel skin as it ages, there’s nearly no need for manual cleaning.

5. Compatibility: Ti-Zinc Composite Panel is compatible with many other materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass, stone, etc.

6. Natural Material: Zinc is a necessary element for human, animals and plants. The rain washed off the walls of zinc is safe to drink, and also can flow into ponds, rivers or the garden without any harm

7. Easy Installation and Lower cost: by making the titanium-zinc into a composite panel, we greatly simply the installation system and cost but on the other hand enhance the flatness of facade a lot.

Mechanical Property
No.Test ItemTest methodresult
1DensityASTM D792-08 Method B2.004g/cm³
2Tensile strengthASTM D638-1053.5MPa
3Flexural strengthASTM D790-10 Procedure A102MPa
4Flexural modulusASTM D790-10 Procedure A17140MPa
5Shear strengthASTM D732-1031.7MPa
6Shear resistanceASTM D732-1010090N
7180°Peel strengthASTM D903-981.31kgf/mm
8Peel torqueASTM D1781-9829.0mm.kgf/mm
9Heat deflection temperatureASTM D648-07 Method B110.3 ℃
10Coefficient of linear thermal expansionASTM D969-08214.7*10-6
*Test is based on 0.5mm grey blue skin 4mm Ti-zinc composite panel.

Titanium Zinc Composite Panel
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