Nano PVDF Panels uses a new and exciting technology to change the molecular structure of the surface of the paint. This improves and enhances the paint coating by giving it a longer color and gloss retention. It is applied as a 4th layer of coating over and above the 3rd layer of PVDF coating. The 4th layer of Nano coating which is made from a water soluble chemical seals any air gaps between the tiny paint molecules thus preventing dirt, water, permanent paint or any foreign particles to penetrate through the paint surface, making the paint surface lipophobic and hydrophobic.            

The high-tech Nano technology, it has more super advantages in pollution resistance, self-cleaning function, acid resistance and alkaline resistance.


Raw Material

Aluminum Material: High strength aluminum alloy sheet
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene
Surface Coating: Nano PVDF coating

Bottom Coating: Anticorrosive primer coating


Characteristic of Nano PVDF ACP

Except the normal PVDF ACP characteristics, Nano PVDF ACP also has its special advantages as follow:


1. Self-cleaning 
The dirt will be not easily attached to the surface because of the compact coating. And it would automatically break down under ultraviolet.


2. Anti-graffiti VCR(Use Oil-base Mark Pen for Test)


3. Anti-scald 


Nano-Meter Panel