ALUBANG Fire-resist ACP

ALUBANG FR (Fire resist) ACP comprises a mineral core between two aluminum skins. Thicknesses of the mineral core and aluminum skins can be designed according to customers’ requirements. Besides the traditional Magnesium Hydroxide filled core, Aluminum Tri-hydroxide filled core is available as well. The front surface can be PVDF, FEVE, Nano or PE coated. The bottom surface can be used anti-corrosive paint. 
The interlayer is non-combustible mineral material, which has excellent ability in fire resistance. Also, mineral material enables ACP to have high peel strength and excellent impact resistance.

Invention of ALUBANG FR has significant meaning cause nowadays many applications are required materials with higher fire security classification with certified standards, therefore ALUBANG FR panel fulfills the basic demand of fire safety requirement and meanwhile with beauty for those applications.

ALUBANG Fire-resist ACP can be processed and installed exactly same way like normal architectural ACP.

With the motivation to provide to the market a more affordable fire-resistant aluminum composite panel, ALUBANG invested lots of work in upgrading the production facilities and production technology to save cost, and now ALUBANG FR valuable is much more competitive compare with competitors.

ALUBANG FR ACP meets the standards of GB 8624 (Grade B, Grade A2), ASTM E-84(Grade B, Grade A2), ASTM E119(2 hours), NFPA 285 (Qualified), EN13501-1 (Grade A2)

Raw Material

Aluminum Material: High strength aluminum alloy sheet
Core Material: Fire-resist core
Surface Coating: PVDF, FEVE, Nano or PE coating

Bottom Coating: Anticorrosive primer coating

Characteristic of Fire-resist ACP

Standard No.BurningDegreeChinaGermanyUSAUKFranceJapanRussia
GB/T8627DIN 4102ASTM E84BS 476NFF 16-101JIS K691130244-94
MinimalAA1, A2E84OMO1T1
MinorB1B1NC1M1, M22T2
SevereB3B3B, C4M4, M5-

Fire-Resist Composite Panel
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