ALUBANG Anti-static ACP

Anti-static aluminum composite panel is a special type of Aluminum Composite Panel, which compounded with high-quality Aluminum sheet and non-toxic polyethylene core material by advanced technology. 

The resistance on panel surface is extremely slight compared with other types of Aluminum composite panel. Its antistatic paint on surface integrates the features of beauty, antibacterial and environmental Protection. It is dustproof, antipollution and antistatic and can solve all the problems caused by electrostatic.


Raw Material

Aluminum Material: High strength aluminum alloy sheet
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene
Surface Coating: Anti-static coating

Bottom Coating: Anticorrosive primer coating


Characteristic of Anti-static ACP

ItemTechnical IndexTest DataResult
Surface resistance≤1.0×106Ω2.75×104ΩPassed
Volume resistance1.0×106~1.0×109Ω5.85×106ΩPassed



1. Purification and anti-dust project such as dustless / dust-free workshop, clean room engineering, electronics factory workshop

2. Apparatus, instruments, communications room, Computer room and chemical storage sites, etc.

3. decoration that has special requests on dustproof, antipollution, antibacterial and antistatic

4. Wall and ceiling panels of clean-room

5. Tool boxes, machinery covers in bio-chemical, hospital rooms, semi-conductor industries

Anti-static Panel